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Business Map
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Big Map
Kinokuniya Bldg Map
Kinokuniya Bldg
Kintetsu and Miyako Malls Map
Kintetsu & Miyako Malls
Buchanan Mall and Post St Map
Buchanan & Post Sts
Bush and Sutter Sts Map
Bush & Sutter Sts
Restaurants (Others) Categoy List
Business Name Location (Map#) Phone
Murata Cafe Hana (Cafe) Kintetsu Mall(11) 567-9133
Cafe Tan Tan (Sandwiches & Pastries) Kinokuniya Bldg(14) 346-6260
Denny's Buchanan Mall & Post St(23) 563-1400
DOT Restaurant & Bar Buchanan Mall & Post St(40) 922-7788
Jitlada (Thai) Bush & Sutter Sts(8) 000-0000
Korea House (Korean) Buchanan Mall & Post St(35) 563-1388
May's Coffee Shop (Cafe) Kintetsu Mall(16) 346-4020
On the Bridge Kinokuniya Bldg(16-Bridge) 922-7765
Pasta Pomodoro Kinokuniya Bldg(22) 674-1826
San Wong Restaurant (Peking & Szchwan) Buchanan Mall & Post St(31) 000-0000
Seoul Garden (Korean) Miyako Mall(32) 563-7664
Sophie's Crepes (Snacks) Kinokuniya Bldg(13) 000-0000
Travel Services
Aki Travel Service Kinokuniya Bldg(32) 567-1114
Kintetsu International Express Kintetsu Mall(6) 922-7171
Pacific Leisure Management Buchanan Mall & Post St(1) 921-0224
AMC Kabuki 8 Theatres Kinokuniya Bldg(37) 346-3243
Christ United Presbyterian Church Bush & Sutter Sts(12) 567-3988
Fuji Shiatsu Buchanan Mall & Post St(3) 346-4484
Game Next Kinokuniya Bldg(34) 495-0280
Ikenobo Ikebana Society Kintetsu Mall(13) 567-1011
Japan Center Garages Kinokuniya Bldg(38) 567-4573
Japan Center 1-Hour Photo Kinokuniya Bldg(29) 567-4610
Japanese American Citizens
League National Headquarters
Bush & Sutter Sts(14) 921-5225
Japanese Cultural and
Community Center of N.C.
Bush & Sutter Sts(3) 567-5505
Japantown Security Kinokuniya Bldg(11) 574-0911
Kabuki Springs & Spa Kinokuniya Bldg(39) 922-6000
Kimochi Home Buchanan Mall & Post St(9) 922-9972
Kimochi, Inc. Bush & Sutter Sts(17) 563-5626
Kimochi-Kai Kinokuniya Bldg(21) 931-2294
Konko Church of San Francisco Bush & Sutter Sts(11) 931-0453
Kyoto Cleaners Bush & Sutter Sts(7) 567-2286
National Japanese American
Historical Society
Buchanan Mall & Post St(30) 921-5007
Nihonmachi Little Friends Bush & Sutter Sts(2) 922-8898
Nihonmachi Terrace Bush & Sutter Sts(16) 346-1200
San Francisco Taiko Dojo Showroom Kinokuniya Bldg(18) 928-2456
Soko Temple Bush & Sutter Sts(15) 346-7540
Union Bank Hospitality Room Miyako Mall(40)
Watahan Nohara Buchanan Mall & Post St(36) 931-5829
YWCA Bush & Sutter Sts(4) 921-3814

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