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Business Map
Big Map
Big Map
Kinokuniya Bldg Map
Kinokuniya Bldg
Kintetsu and Miyako Malls Map
Kintetsu & Miyako Malls
Buchanan Mall and Post St Map
Buchanan & Post Sts
Bush and Sutter Sts Map
Bush & Sutter Sts
Professional & Business Offices Categoy List
Business Name Location (Map#) Phone
Grant T. Tomoka Esq. Buchanan Mall & Post St(7) 921-9000
Kaz Maniwa Esq. Buchanan Mall & Post St(7) 921-9000 Inc Buchanan Mall & Post St(18) 771-2583
Meridian Resources Buchanan Mall & Post St(1) 749-2920
Mitani, Yuji, Law Office Buchanan Mall & Post St(2) 567-4432
Moriguchi, Eddie, CPA Buchanan Mall & Post St(19) 922-8200
Nakamura/Osumi/Uyemoto, DDS Buchanan Mall & Post St(36) 567-5200
Okazaki, Toshio, Business & Tax Consultant Buchanan Mall & Post St(2) 567-5338
PMP Advertising, Inc. Kinokuniya Bldg(35) 563-7656
Shinbori/Fong, DDS Bush & Sutter Sts(10) 563-2000
T. Okamoto & Co. Real Estate & Insurance Buchanan Mall & Post St(7) 931-6290
Umekubo, John, MD Buchanan Mall & Post St(32) 931-5182
Restaurants (Japanese)
Benihana Kintetsu Mall(2) 563-4844
Cafe Mums Bush & Sutter Sts(5) 931-6986
Fuku Sushi Kinokuniya Bldg(9) 346-3030
Ino Sushi Miyako Mall(36) 922-3121
Iroha Buchanan Mall & Post St(16) 922-0321
Isuzu Restaurant Kinokuniya Bldg(26) 922-2290
Izumiya Kinokuniya Bldg(12) 441-6867
Juban Yakiniku Kinokuniya Bldg(27) 776-5822
Kansai Buchanan Mall & Post St(6) 775-2770
Kiss Bush & Sutter Sts(13) 474-2866
Kuishinbo Miyako Mall(29) 922-9575
Kushitsuru Kintetsu Mall(8) 922-9902
Maki Restaurant Kinokuniya Bldg(6) 921-5215
Mifune Don Miyako Mall(33) 346-1993
Mifune Restaurant Kintetsu Mall(9) 922-0337
Miyako Restaurant Buchanan Mall & Post St(10) 567-6552
Osakaya Kintetsu Mall(10) 922-2728
Sanppo Restaurant Buchanan Mall & Post St(22) 346-3486
Sapporo-ya Kinokuniya Bldg(2) 563-7400
Takara Miyako Mall(37) 921-2000
Tanpopo Buchanan Mall & Post St(13) 346-7132
Toraya Restaurant Buchanan Mall & Post St(19) 931-5200
Umeko Japanese Seafood Buffet Miyako Mall(30) 931-5200

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