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Business Map
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Big Map
Kinokuniya Bldg Map
Kinokuniya Bldg
Kintetsu and Miyako Malls Map
Kintetsu & Miyako Malls
Buchanan Mall and Post St Map
Buchanan & Post Sts
Bush and Sutter Sts Map
Bush & Sutter Sts
Antiques, Gifts, General Merchandise Categoy List
Business Name Location (Map#) Phone
Asakichi (Antiques) Kinokuniya Bldg(28) 921-2147
Asakichi (Japanese Iron, Bronze, Incense) Kinokuniya Bldg(19-Bridge) 921-3821
Auto Freak Kintetsu Mall(25) 674-9871
Daikoku by Shiki Kintetsu Mall(4) 563-4550
Genji Antiques Miyako Mall(43) 931-1616
Ichiban Kan Miyako Mall(28) 409-0472
Japantown Collectibles Kinokuniya Bldg(30) 563-2970
Kinokuniya Stationery Kinokuniya Bldg(10) 567-8901
Mashiko Folkcraft Kinokuniya Bldg(8) 346-0748
Mikado Gift Shop Kintetsu Mall(22) 922-9450
Mikado KIDS Corner Kintetsu Mall(23) 922-9450
Moritaya Kintetsu Mall(21) 674-1345
Nikkei Traditions Miayko Mall(34) 775-6207
Paper Tree Buchanan Mall(5) 921-7100
Sanko Cooking Suppliers Buchanan Mall(11) 922-8331
Sharaku Buchanan Mall & Post St(20) 346-5567
Shige Antiques & Vintage Kimonos Kinokuniya Bldg(20-Bridge) 346-5567
Sobi for Home Furniture Miyako Mall(44) 771-4488
Soko Hardware Buchanan Mall & Post St(28) 931-5510
Soko Interiors Buchanan Mall & Post St(32) 922-4155
Tokyo Motor Trenz Kintetsu Mall(20) 922-6388
Townhouse Living Kinokuniya Bldg(23) 563-1417
Boutique Joy Kinokuniya Bldg(3) 563-8632
Mr. Dandy Kintetsu Mall(14) 929-8633
Orange Tree Boutique Miyako Mall(35) 929-1177
Sakura Sakura Kintetsu Mall(5) 922-9744
The Omodaka Kintetsu Mall(19) 921-0505
Art Galleries
Gallerie Voyage Kintetsu Mall(1) 567-3100
International Art Gallery Kinokuniya Bldg(17-Bridge) 567-4390
California Bank & Trust Buchanan Mall & Post St(29) 923-0800
Union Bank of California Miyako Mall(39) 202-0350
Beauty Salons & Cosmetics
Beautrium Miyako Mall(42) 441-2484
Comsa Hair Design Buchanan Mall & Post St(38) 931-4405
Fuji-ya Shiseido Buchanan Mall & Post St(33) 931-3302
Futaba Hair Salon Buchanan Mall & Post St(37) 921-4859
Hair Salon Clips Bush & Sutter Sts(7) 922-7162
Japan Center Beauty Clinic Kinokuniya Bldg(36) 921-0135
Naris Cosmetics Kinokuniya Bldg(31) 567-2200

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  • Books, Music CDs, Videos • Newspapers, Radio & TV
  • Professional & Business Offices • Restaurant (Japanese)
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